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Foot Detox Services & Treatments

The key to detoxification and good health lies in the process of raising the blood PH from an acidic range to a more alkaline range. The IonCleanse detoxification protocol slowly raises the blood PH level to an optimal range ensuring that the body does not experience a healing crisis.

You can expect to feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well-being. Many individuals with physical pain, e.g. edema, gout, fibromaylagia, chronic fatigue, swollen or deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief.

The “proven” scientific principle behind the IonCleanse technology lies in the separation of H20 (water) molecules. When a water molecule is separated, the resulting OH molecule takes on a negative charge. Negatively charged ions entering the body attach themselves to positively charged particles (tissue acid wastes), and extract them through the skin (our largest organ) via processes known as osmosis and dispersion.

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