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Today's skin care market is welcoming men like never before. Men from all walks of life are now discovering that the spa is the place to be. Consult your favorite spa menu for unisex or male-specific services and treatments.

Men appreciate a facial because it targets their specific skin troubles, such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, breakouts, and signs of aging. Products are tailored to men's skin type.

Manicure and pedicures are enjoyed by men and groomed nails are part of a professional appearance. Hangnails, callus, and dehydrated skin are smoothed away and the results are a winning combination of healthy and good-looking hands and feet.

Today's man is stressed and may have trouble relaxing. A professional massage will help relieve sore muscles, loosen tension, stimulate blood circulation, and invoke a general sense of vitality.


Q: My boyfriend has hair all over his back and chest, I would like for him to be hairless, what can I do to make this happen?

A: Well, waxing is an answer! Believe it or not, men tend to be very sensitive, so you should definitely do your homework and find a salon that offers wax for blemish prone skin. Not to mention, men are very blemish-prone in this area due to sweating and hormones, so choose a salon that carries wax like zinc oxide for sensitive skin. In order to get the best results from waxing, service should be done every month to avoid adverse reactions. We recommend 6 waxing services for optimal results. Exfoliating the skin can reduce the incidence of ingrown hair and can produce an even skin texture, resulting in smooth, soft skin. We also recommend after care such as backs and chests.

Q: Can waxing be done on top of tattoos? How long do I have to wait until I can get waxed after a tattoo?

A: Unfortunately, you will have to wait a good year for the skin to completely heal before waxing the area. In fact, if you wax prematurely, you can run the risk of removing some of the ink and dull the artwork. If you're impatient, have you technicican wax around the area and then trim close with a professional trimmer. Don't use a razor as they cause irratation and burn the skin.

Q: Do men get manicures and pedicures?

A: Yes, they do, just like men like well manicured and pedicured ladies, woman do too. It is very in to be well manicured. We find more and more men are getting these services done.

Q: Do men get Brazilian Bikini waxes?

A: Yes, they do. More and more men like to keep that area well groomed. We recommend that proper home care is taken with this service.

Q: How about men and facials?

A: More and more men are getting facials, just like men like it when woman have nice skin, well woman like nice skin on men as well. Facials are also great because we cleanse and remove all blackheads professionally. It is impossible for you to do that work on yourself.

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